Privacy Statement

Personal information/data 

I am registered with the ICO, and I comply with the Data Protection Act of 2018. The information I hold about you will be your name, your address, your telephone number, your date of birth, your email address, and your GP Surgery details. I will use this information for essential tasks such as contacting you about appointments and making amendments to appointments if necessary. I will not share information with other organisations unless I am required to do so ethically or legally or in times when I need to break confidentiality as per our contract.

Storing and deleting your data 

I will delete your contact details once our counselling relationship comes to an end. I am required by my insurance company to securely retain any brief client notes that I keep for a maximum of seven years, after such time they will then be destroyed securely. The notes I keep are very brief and may not be suitable for use in a criminal case due to the nature of the notes I keep. In the event of my death or serious illness or injury your contact details will be passed to my supervisor so that she can make contact with you. She will only receive your first name, email address and phone number and only for the purposes of making contact with you about your ongoing therapy requirements. 

Website data and Cookies

My website uses analytics that shows numerical data and geographical data about the people that visit my site, it also may show the age range of the demographic. This information is otherwise anonymous and is not published in any location, other than the reports provided to me from my website host.

Privacy Policy – Last Updated December 2023.

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